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How We Price

Glacier Junk Hauling and Removal work is based on a load scale, and we do not charge you for labor or time it takes to load the job. This is only for trash hauling and removal; all other services are estimated based on time and labor to complete the job.

There are no hidden fees with Glacier Junk Hauling and Removal services. We do business right the first time, and do not hide any charges nor do we discriminate against anyone. If you have a heavy load, we will let you know that your load is heavier and you will have to be moved up on the load scale. The price will be given to you upfront, but we do our best to save you money.

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Need to get rid of JUNK?

We make it EASY on you!

From one household or office item to a garage or warehouse full of items; we remove what you request. We come to your aid by removing all items, sweep and then wash down the area(s), leaving the area(s) clean and fresh with customer satisfaction guaranteed.

Please check out our “Items We Take” section. We offer a large range of services. We service Home Owners, Contractors as well as Commercial Buildings.

When it comes to Glacier Junk Hauling and Removal, “We’ll take care of that for you!”

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